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Why More Lip Filler Isn't Always the Answer

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

While it may appear that more is more when it comes to lip filler, at Coco Med Spa in St. Pete, we tend to believe the opposite. Lip injections are a frequently viral trending topic on social media, sharing exaggerated results and filtered views of results, often influencing viewers to believe that bigger is better in the world of lip filler. Today we’re here to discuss why adding more lip filler isn’t always the answer to augmenting your lips or appearance and discuss some alternative options to help you love your lips more than ever without ever running the risk of overdoing it.

Why you might want more lip filler

For patients who are not new to lip injections, it can become easy to get used to the way your lips look with filler and forget how much of a transformation they have undergone. When maintaining the appearance, the “wow factor” of a transformation might wear off when in reality, you’re still getting a great result of beautiful, full lips.

Why more lip filler isn’t always the best

Everyone’s facial structure and lip size/shape are unique to them. The question of adding more lip filler or not is far more complex than a matter of opinion on appearance. Rather, it has to do with the health and safety of your lips. The size and shape of your lips determine how much fuller they can hold without risking migration. If migration has occurred, you may need to go through the unpleasant process of dissolving your lip fillers before placing new fillers. Therefore, it is better to take a moderate approach to lip filler and know your limits in order to avoid the cost and time commitment of repair treatments.

Options to consider

It is important to take appropriate treatment times into consideration when planning for more lip filler. A good injector will not add to your filler before the time is right and it is important to be upfront and honest with a new injector about your past lip filler and the timelines associated with those injections.

If you still feel like you’re looking for a change in the lip area, talk to your provider about how you might benefit from lower facial balancing. This approach makes subtle changes to other areas around the lower face in a way that will enhance and support the lip filler you already have, rendering beautiful results that just might do the trick for you! Another option to consider is Botox in the upper lip, sometimes known as a “lip flip” to help relax the upper lip and turn it outwards for a fuller, poutier look that can add to the appearance of your lips without the need to add filler.

Your provider will always be able to best advise you on the timeline for safe lip injections and a good provider will do their best to create results you love without sacrificing the health and safety of your lips.

Ready to book your lip injection consultation at Coco Med Spa in St. Pete? Contact us today to get scheduled.

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