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Lip Fillers: How to Avoid Migration

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

We’ve all seen them, the photos of mottled lip injections that cause unnatural shapes in the lip. While there are several reasons that filled lips can go wrong, one of the biggest culprits is lip migration. Today you’ll learn what migration is, why it happens and how to prevent it with the help and expertise of your esthetic provider.

What is lip migration?

Migration is the term for what happens when a dermal filler of any kind moves beyond the area it was injected in. This can happen with any area of the face, but it is most common with lip filler.

Why does lip filler migrate?

Generally, lip filler migration is the result of overfilled lips. It can also be an indicator of a poorly skilled or improperly trained professional. A good injector should be able to gauge how much filler to inject but they cannot account for what they aren’t aware of. It is extremely important that you disclose all past filler that you have received so that your injector does not overfill your lips, possibly resulting in migration.

When does lip filler migrate?

Overfilled lips can experience migration within a couple of days but migration can also occur weeks to months later if the filler was injected too deep. The muscle movements we make when smiling and talking can push the filler out of the lips over time. The good news is that in the event of migration, the filler can be dissolved and re-done by a more experienced injector who will not inject in a way that will risk migration. Take a look at these examples of lips with migrated filler that our nurse injector, Amy was able to dissolve and correct.

How to avoid migration

Do your research and pick an experienced injector with plenty of proof of their knowledge and expertise. Once you’ve picked an injector be sure to honestly disclose how often and how recently you’ve had any past fillers. Finally, listen to your injector! At Coco Med Spa we want to make our guests happy but we are also committed to the integrity of our work. We will turn clients away that wish to touch up their filler too soon in order to protect them and preserve their results. In the long run, they appreciate our commitment to their safety and to providing excellent results each time with no migrating. Want proof? Check out these Must See Lip Filler Results to see how incredible your lips can look when filled properly with no migrating!

To set an appointment with our award winning nurse injector please contact us today!

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