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Must See Lip Filler Results

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Whether you’re on the fence about lip filler or you’ve already taken the leap, no one can deny how fun it is to see beautiful lip transformations. Great injectors are true artists and require a wealth of knowledge about facial structure, shape, and symmetry as well as extensive medical and scientific knowledge that is necessary to keep clients safe.

Lip injections are a wonderful way to accentuate the lips. However, many people don’t realize that, when done well, they can also beautifully Lip injections are a wonderful way to accentuate the lips. However, many people don’t realize that, when done well, they can also beautifully and subtly enhance the appearance of a person’s entire face. . At Coco Med Spa, our injector Amy has received the incredible honor of being named as one of the top 100 injectors in all of the US! She loves creating gorgeous lips based on each individual client’s desires and best interests.

Here’s what to expect when the time comes for your perfect pout!

How to prepare before your appointment

If possible avoid unnecessary, blood thinning, over the counter medications. Avoid drinking alcohol for at least 24 hours prior to appointment day. Taking arnica beginning 48 hours ahead may also help to prevent bruising. Also, avoid any chemical exfoliating products or hair removal in the few days prior to getting lip filler.

The time has come

You’ve done it. You booked the appointment, today is the day. Be clear with your injector on your desired outcome, photos can help, but stay open to feedback from the pros on what is best for your specific facial structure and level of experience with lip fillers. A good injector knows that it is much easier, and less expensive, to add more filler later than to remove an overly aggressive application. Together you will be able to co-create a result that you will love!

Don’t panic

For a few days, your lips might seem much larger than your desired result. This is INCREDIBLY normal. Swelling is part of your body’s natural response and healing process and it’s normal to be surprised by it. However, please remember that the swelling does go down and your lips will not feel so strange very, very soon!

Bruises? Lumps? Why?

If you followed all the before and aftercare instructions, yet you’re feeling lumpy and have some bruising, please know that this is to be expected. Everyone’s body heals differently. Some people are more susceptible to bruising than others. Eventually, the lumps will soften and disappear as the filler settles into place and your body recognizes that it’s not an invader.

I LOVE THEM! They’re perfect

Within 5 days or so you may find yourself here. The swelling and bruising should be going away and you’re finally getting used to your plump, pillowy pout. Take lots of photos for reference if you really feel in love with them at this stage, especially if you’re a first timer. Why? Because they’re still going to get a bit smaller. It usually takes at least a week for the swelling to go down completely and your final result to be revealed. If you decide later on that you’d like more filler or want to increase the amount of filler you get when it’s time for a touch up, having a photo of the fuller lip will be a useful tool for sharing with your injector and deciding if it’s a safe increase for you.

Oh, the swelling went down? I need more filler

If you feel this way once your lips have healed and your true new pout has debuted, we encourage you to give yourself a few weeks to get used to it. If it’s your first time getting filler, your injector may have suggested that you go conservative the first time. If after a period of time you decide you do want a touch up, be sure to bring your photos to your injector and plump that pout a bit more. Chances are though, you’ll love your application until a touch up is needed. At that time, you and your injector can discuss the possibility of more volume.

At the end of the day, safety, symmetry, and satisfaction are the most important outcomes of a beautiful lip enhancement. As you can see in our featured before and after photos, no two lip injection treatments are the same. Some people look for a more defined lip line, some need volume, some need to correct the lip shape. Whatever your reason for getting lip filler, we look forward to providing you with beautiful results here at Coco Med Spa.

Check out the in spa process of lip filler, done by Amy, below:

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