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Should I Dissolve My Lip Filler?

If you’ve ever had lip injections done, or considered getting them, it’s likely you’ve done some digging through before and after images. As the internet does, it probably delivered you some great results as well as some horror stories, leaving you wondering what happens in scenarios where your lip injections don’t turn out as planned.

While you should always carefully choose a nurse injector who is qualified and experienced, it is also great to know that lip filler can be dissolved and re-done when deemed necessary. Today we’ll cover a few of the reasons it might be appropriate to consider dissolving your lip filler.

When should I dissolve my lip injections?

There are a few scenarios in which dissolving lip filler may be the best course of action. If lips have been overfilled or if filler has been poorly placed, you might experience what is known as migration. This is the term used to describe any scenario where the filler injected moves beyond the area that it was originally intended for and injected in. Additionally, if poorly placed filler has resulted in an abnormal shape or lack of symmetry, it may be safer to dissolve the filler and start again rather than overfill the other areas to compensate. Despite the misconception that filler metabolizes within a year, it is not always true. As a result, old filler may need to be dissolved in order to start fresh and achieve optimal results. Our nurse injector and co-owner of Coco Med Spa, Amy Nguyen says, “I’ve had to dissolve 10 year old lip filler.” It is always best to defer to the opinion of your medical professional.

What can I expect when dissolving my lip filler?

To dissolve lip filler, an enzyme is injected which breaks down the presence of the injected hyaluronic acid filler. While the enzyme begins to work immediately, depending on your body and the amount of lip filler present, results might show right away, over the course of a few days, or require additional rounds of dissolving. However, the full process is not one step. Amy shares, “the process isn’t fun and it requires commitment.” This only further makes the case for being very selective when choosing your injector. It can take up to 6 weeks to fully dissolve lip filler and there is a minimum 10-14 day healing period between your final dissolving appointment and your appointment for re-injecting filler. In addition, in order to ensure optimal results and avoid the need for dissolving again, re-filling will likely need to occur over the course of at least two appointments.

Moral of the story? Start your lip filler process with an experienced injector who will prioritize your health and safety and take all the necessary steps to ensure that you won’t need to experience the process of dissolving your lip filler. However, if you’re looking for a place in St. Pete to safely have your lip filler dissolved and re-injected, our talented nurse injectors, Amy Nguyen and Jessica Suber, are more than happy to assist you in getting results you love, safely and effectively. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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