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Wedding Ready Skin: The Perfect Timeline for Stress Free Prep

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Are you wedding prepping? Do you know someone who is? One of the first things that people tend to think of when it comes to wedding planning and preparation is how tedious it can be. There is so much to schedule, plan, and keep track of that it can easily become overwhelming no matter how “worth it” the effort is. Coco Med Spa is a proud provider of several excellent bridal services here in St. Pete and part of our job is to make the preparation process as easy as possible. So, we’ve developed an easy timeline, plus explanations, that you can pop into your calendar reminders and get on with the rest of your planning!

6 months out - Monthly Facials

The 6 month mark is the perfect time to schedule out monthly facials leading up to the big day. Medical grade skincare and medical spa treatments are the best way for brides to get safe and effective results, plus it guarantees that you get at least one hour a month to yourself to relax and rejuvenate (wink wink.) 6 months is generally the amount of time it takes to adequately address most concerns and get skin in its best state possible. This is simply not the time to experiment at home. Monthly recurring appointments are spaced perfectly to allow for any necessary recovery, skin adjusting, and daily care between appointments. Your esthetic provider should recommend medical grade skincare products to use in between appointments for best results.

1-2 months out - Fillers and Botox

4-8 weeks before the big day is the best time to schedule any necessary filler or Botox appointments. Earlier the better within this timeframe if you’re new to these services. This will ensure that you not only have time to see your results without swelling but also that you have enough time for any additional touch-ups that might be needed plus adequate time for any additional bruising to heal.

5-7 days out - Lashes, Brows, and Aquagold

In the week leading up to your big day, you’ll want to schedule your eyelash lift/tint, eyebrow wax/tint, body waxing, (be sure to do this prior to a spray tan also if you’re planning to get one), and an Aquagold Facial. Tinting and hair removal should be done no closer to your big day than 5 days to ensure the skin isn’t red or irritated on your wedding day. An Aquagold Facial is an absolute must for any event and your wedding is no exception. You’ll receive a customized treatment microinjected directly into your skin resulting in a glow and radiance that no other treatment can provide. You’ll be the star of the day in more ways than one!

At Coco Med Spa, we love helping brides look and feel their best and are proud to provide several bridal services that cater to the needs of brides in St. Pete. Please feel free to contact us and schedule a consultation to decide on a treatment plan for your big day!

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