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The Aquagold Facial, Great for Treating Large Pores, has arrived in St. Pete 

Aquagold Fine Touch is a revolutionary new method by which your esthetic service provider may deliver treatment to the skin during a facial treating things like large pores, texture, and other skin concerns. The Aquagold Fine Touch employs 20 microchannels, made from 24k gold plated steel, that are finer than human hair. These micro channels puncture the skin with no pain and no downtime and deliver customized treatment solutions based on your specific needs.

Aquagold Facial St. Pete

Aquagold is a first to market, microchannel microinjector. It is important to point out that it is not a microneedling tool. It is an injection tool. The finer than hair microchannels deliver treatments into the skin at a rate of 2,400 microinjections per minute, delivering maximum results with no recovery time needed. Aquagold Facials in St. Pete are quickly growing in popularity and we are so excited to be offering this treatment.


An Aquagold facial will leave your skin ultra hydrated and camera ready. It is designed to be a completely customizable treatment for the needs of your skin at that time. It can deliver instant hydration as well as longer acting treatment ingredients. It is an incredibly popular event treatment making it perfect for brides, special events, photoshoots, or an instantly gratifying pick me up. It is designed to be a completely customizable treatment for the needs of your skin at that time. Long term results will cause improvement with continued use and instant results can last up to a month. Out of all of our skincare services here at Coco Med Spa in St. Pete, an Aquagold facial is the best prep you can get for a special day.


Benefits of an Aquagold Facial:


  • Reduction of large pores, oil production, and irritation induced redness

  • Smoother more hydrated skin

  • Improved tone and texture

  • Reduced acne scarring

  • Reduced hyperpigmentation

  • Improved hair growth (scalp)

  • Brightened, clearer complexion


The Aquagold Fine Touch is approved to be used all over the body and is safe to be used closer to eyes than other treatment devices. In fact, it can go as close as the lash line. This makes it perfect to inject treatments for areas such as crow’s feet and fine lines. Another benefit, an Aquagold facial can deliver hydration and other treatments with visible results lasting as long as four weeks! The micro channel delivery system is not as disruptive to the skin as other injection methods and most people experience nothing more than temporary redness. The 24k gold plating on the microchannels is specifically designed to be hypoallergenic and skin safe. Gold has a lot of skin benefits and prevents the possibility of skin reaction. 


If you’re looking to smooth skin and eliminate large pores, an Aquagold Facial in St. Petersburg is perfect for you. Be sure to call us at 727-954-6166 to schedule today!

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Reviews We Love

"My face after the Aquagold treatment looks and feels like it went through some kind of a boosted facial. All of the results I typically wait for from microneedling and facials appeared almost immediately after the treatment. I had taught skin, smaller pores and more even skin tone (no splotchy colors). My personalized serum included Xeomin which helped minimize breakouts so I didn't have the urge to pick at acne. My skin only felt dry the first couple of days after so I had to use a stronger moisturizer at night. I highly recommend this before an event or before a long vacation to look your best!" - Cynthia. P.

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