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Plated Skincare: A Must-Have For Post Treatment Care

If you haven’t yet heard about ( plated )™ skincare, today is your lucky day. This potent treatment product is taking the skincare world by storm and for good reason. ( plated )™ is a topical skincare product that uses the powerful technology of platelets and exosomes to instruct skin cells to turn on their healing and regenerative functions. In turn, clients see improved anti-aging results and glowing, healthy skin. While this product is recommended for nearly everyone (it’s safe for all skin types, plus pregnancy and nursing) there are a few treatments that we recommend you pair this product with to supercharge your results.


Traditional Microneedling and RF Microneedling with Morpheus8 are minimally invasive treatments used to target visible signs of aging like fine lines, pigmentation, and mild laxity. During the process of microneedling, skin-safe, fine needles create micro wounds across the skin to trigger the skin's repair process and force new collagen and elastin production. Adding ( plated )™ to your post-treatment skincare routine will speed up healing and increase your results dramatically.


Laser treatments like Moxi and others are also ideal treatment scenarios to be followed up with

( plated )™ skincare to boost results and improve overall skin health. Moxi in particular is known as “prejuvenation” for targeting upcoming conditions in the skin before they even surface. Together, Moxi and ( plated )™ make an unbeatable pair for skin restoration and rejuvenation.

Other Minimally Invasive Treatments

( plated )™ is incredibly effective as a topical treatment for healed, unbroken skin. However, whenever the skin is broken during minimally invasive procedures, ( plated )™ has an opportunity for further penetration and even better benefits.

We chatted with one of our injectors here at Coco Med Spa, Jessica Suber, PA-C. She recommends ( plated )™ to so many of her clients because she is confident in the science behind the product and knows the results speak for themselves. Here’s what she had to say:

Q: What is your favorite thing about ( plated )™?

A: Once you incorporate this product into your regimen you’ll find your skin becoming more brighter and an even skin tone. You’ll glow!

Q: Do you have a favorite tip for use or application?

A: Apply it once you get out of the shower. ( plated )™ is the first thing I put on because the pores are open and the skin is still a little damp which allows the product to spread more. Don’t forget to address the eye area because it makes eyelashes grow!

Q: What treatments or products do you recommend alongside the use of ( plated )™?

A: Once your skin is dry after applying ( plated )™, I recommend applying Mystro Active Balance Serum from Skin Better, because it also helps correct texture and redness. Finish with a good moisturizer and SPF afterward.

Ready to see ( plated )™ results for yourself? Contact us today or stop by the salon to purchase yours!

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