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Botox® Injections In St. Petersburg: Book A Treatment Today

Botox St. Pete

Schedule your Botox® treatment if you live nearby St. Petersburg with the experts at Coco Med Spa. Whether you are looking for preventative wrinkle treatments or wish to minimize the wrinkles you have, we treat all facial concerns.


A Botox® injection consists of FDA-approved Botulinum Toxin A. It’s like a shield between a muscle and nerve to prevent your muscle from moving. When you frown a lot, for example, your forehead muscles contract and may leave an indentation between your eyebrows. Botox® is injected at the site to temporarily relax the facial muscles that cause wrinkles in the forehead, as well as between and around the eyes.


When you get your Botox® in St. Petersburg with Coco Med Spa, you can expect to see results within 2 weeks after the initial treatment! We typically recommend you return every 3-6 months to maintain the effect you’re looking for.

Botox® benefits:

  • Relaxing wrinkles: Botox® both relaxes your muscles and can also prevent wrinkles from occurring.

  • Helps with migraines: Botox® is like a roadblock between the pain signals and your nerve endings you don’t get those splitting headaches as much.

  • Can be used for excessive sweating: Botox® blocks the nerves responsible for activating your sweat glands so you’re more confident day to day.


Coco Med Spa meets all medical spa standards by only providing medical-grade products and services to its clients. We believe that each client deserves a customized treatment and only makes recommendations that will meet a client’s needs.

Schedule your next Botox® treatment in St. Pete with Coco Med Spa by clicking the button below. Have some questions? Give us a call at (727) 954-6166. Check out our Botox FAQ's page too!

Reviews We Love

"I love Coco Med Spa! Beautiful space, fair prices, and the most knowledgeable staff. I love my Botox look-natural and always so well done. I see Amy and her work is spectacular, every time!!" -Air B.

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