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3 Myths About Botox Injectables

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

One of our favorite things to do here at Coco Med Spa, besides providing services, is providing education. Our industry is full of innovation and change. This can be so exciting but, if one’s information isn’t coming from the right source, it also leaves room for confusion and misinformation. There is nothing better than when our clients feel informed and empowered to choose the best services for their needs. So today, we wanted to chat about a few of the most common Botox myths we’ve heard that are not only untrue but a huge disservice to the tremendous benefits that it can offer.

1. “Botox isn’t safe!”

Safety is a concern for some. On this one, we concede, it should be. Botox should only ever be performed in a professional setting by a licensed, medical professional that is trained specifically in the procedure. When it is done under the right circumstances, safety concerns should never be a deterrent. Botox is helpful for both cosmetic and medical purposes. Here at Coco Med Spa, our injector Amy Nguyen is an APRN, board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner with a specialty in Aesthetic Medicine. Botox is one of her favorite injectable neurotoxins to work with and your safety is of the utmost importance to her.

2. “Botox will leave you expressionless!”

Another concern we hear over and over again is the fear of looking “frozen” in your expressions. Again, we implore you to seek out a qualified medical professional to administer your Botox. When working with a professional, you should receive a consultation where you come to an agreement of not only placement but the amount of product and desired results. The best use of Botox is as a preventative step before the need for excess treatment is needed. Here at Coco Med Spa, Amy is committed to creating a treatment plan specific to the needs of your face. Applications aren’t one size fits all and Amy does an excellent job at restoring youth without changing the things that make you, you.

3. “Once you start botox, you can never stop!”

Finally, the “instant aging” claim. The beautiful thing about Botox is that it simply pauses wrinkle formation when you begin receiving treatment. If you don’t continue receiving the service, your skin will just continue the natural aging process from where it left off. There’s no “catching up” or aging 10 years in 2 weeks. Any lines that have softened during treatment will gradually reappear and new lines may begin in the timeline of a gradual aging process, but never all at once.

We hope this has shed light on just a few of the things you may have heard if you’ve ever considered Botox or done independent research before a professional consultation. To learn even more, please visit our Botox FAQs page for more detailed information. Remember, when seeking out a service provider, always ask questions, get referrals, look at past work, and choose a professional. Take care!

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