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Benefits of a Cosmelan Peel

When peel season comes around, there are lots of options to choose from. At Coco Med Spa in St. Pete, the Cosmelan Peel is one of our most popular peel treatments.

What is a Cosmelan Peel?

The Cosmelan Peel is a two-part peel treatment that is considered the gold standard in melasma treatment, and other forms of hyperpigmentation. It’s often praised for being a “sun friendly” peel because post treatment protocols don’t completely prohibit outdoor activities. This makes it a perfect option for our location in sunny St. Pete.

How does it work?

Unlike some peels, Cosmelan Peels are performed in two parts. The first part is performed in the spa, and the second part entails a series of follow up products that are applied at home to complete the treatment. The treatment works to rapidly exfoliate skin and encourage cell turnover while targeting the excess melanin production that causes melasma and other types of hyperpigmentation. It also inhibits the future overproduction of melanin when combined with adequate protective measures like the use of sunscreen and the avoidance of excessive sun exposure.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of a Cosmelan Peel include but are not limited to:

  • Improved skin tone

  • Removal or reduction of hyperpigmentation

  • Boosted collagen production

  • Improved skin texture

  • Increased radiance and glow

Is it right for me?

If you have hyperpigmentation concerns for issues like stubborn melasma or other dark spots on your skin that haven’t responded to other forms of treatment, or you simply want to address these issues with one of the best treatments available the first time around, the Cosmelan Peel may be for you.

It is always best to check with your aesthetic provider about which treatment is best for your skin's needs and your goals. To schedule a consultation or book your Cosmelan Peel today, contact us.

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