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Melasma is no match for the Cosmelan Peel 

A Cosmelan Peel is a renowned depigmentation process designed to address difficult to remove hyperpigmentation. It is one of the most effective melasma treatments on the market. The Cosmelan Peel here at our spa in St. Pete is one of the best of all our skincare services for treating melasma and other forms of hyperpigmentation.

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The service is performed in two parts. The Cosmelan Peels mask is applied in the spa here in St. Pete, followed by at home products designed to continue the treatment. During this process, you may experience some dryness, itchiness, and mild peeling but this should subside quickly and reveal results in as little as two weeks. Cosmelan Peels work by targeting and inhibiting melanin production combined with accelerating cell turnover to reveal beautiful new skin that is no longer overproducing melanin, which is the cause of hyperpigmentation. 


Benefits of a Cosmelan Peel:


  • Compatible for use with all skin types listed on the Fitzpatrick scale

  • Highly effective on melasma that has been resistant to other forms of treatment

  • Lifestyle and “sun friendly” (outdoor activities are okay with adequate protection) 

  • Fast acting and long lasting (short and long term results)

  • Peeling is minimal compared to other deep peels but offers immediate resurfacing

  • Can be used on clients with hyperpigmentation from acne


Since a Cosmelan Peel is resurfacing old skin and causing correction in the production of melanin in the deep layers of skin to come, the results from the peel should be permanent if proper sun protection protocol is followed. Permanent means that corrected melasma and other forms of hyperpigmentation should not return. However, this does not mean that the skin cannot develop hyperpigmentation from new damage to the skin. Therefore it is imperative that you use regular sun protection practices as well as refrain from further irritating damaged skin caused by acne or other wounds to the skin. 


If you’re dealing with stubborn hyperpigmentation or looking for melasma treatment in St. Petersburg, be sure to call us at 727-954-6166 to schedule your Cosmelan Peel today!

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