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Treat Your Melasma With These Corrective Skincare Treatments

Melasma treatment plans are available for Coco Med Spa clients who wish to diminish or reduce areas of hyperpigmentation from their faces. If you live nearby St. Petersburg, we recommend coming in for a consultation so our expert aestheticians can properly treat your melasma pigmentation.


Melasma Treatment Options


We offer a variety of treatment options to help reduce melasma blemishes and dark spots. Based on your skin’s condition we may suggest one or more of the following treatments:

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  • Cosmelan Peel - Our most effective melasma-fighting option, this peel is an at-home treatment that is provided by our APRN to help lighten pigmentation.

  • Chemical Peels - Our clients begin with a mild chemical peel and later move into our stronger peels if necessary. Chemical peels help promote the brightening and lightening of the pigmentation spots while restoring balance in your skin’s texture and elasticity.

  • Microneedling - Our medical-grade microneedling tools promote collagen and new cell growth by stimulating the surface of the skin with miniature needle punctures over the affected area. 

  • Microneedling with PRFM (Vampire Facial) - Reintroducing your own platelet-rich plasma cells using a microneedling pen will also increase collagen production and cell re-growth at a more advanced rate and continuously over a longer time period.

  • Skincare Treatment Plans - We carry a variety of medical-grade products to treat our clients with melasma. Our expert aestheticians will recommend the most effective products to reach your desired skin care goals.


Although melasma pigmentation can happen for a variety of reasons, we always recommend wearing physical sunscreen with at least 30 SPF as a preventative measure. 


Melasma treatment plans vary and may not always be treated as effectively as with more invasive procedures. Consult with a dermatologist if you are seeking more invasive options. 


Are you ready to finally clear your skin and give it the brightening boost it deserves? If you’re nearby St. Petersburg, book an appointment with us to schedule your free consultation. Give us a call at (727) 954-6166 if you have any questions.

Reviews We Love

"Coco Med Spa is such a class-act establishment! Truly a comfortable yet luxury experience from the minute you walk into the door. Amy is incredible! I have been seeing her for almost two years now. Do yourself a favor and look no further than here for your next med spa appointment." -Stephanie L.

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