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Introducing the Mesopeel

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Just in time for peel season, we are so excited to bring the Mesopeel Melanoplus to Coco Med Spa in St. Pete! Today we’ll discuss what this chemical peel is, what it does, and if it’s right for you. Keep reading for everything you need to know before booking this incredible skincare service!

What is a Mesopeel?

Mesopeel Melanoplus is a professional, self-neutralizing peel designed to correct sun spots, melasma, and other forms of hyperpigmentation. This peel can also be used as a targeted spot treatment for more concentrated efforts on a particular area of concern, layered with an additional peel.

How does a Mesopeel work?

Mesopeel Melanoplus uses powerful ingredients like Trichloroacetic Acid, Kojic Acid, and Ferulic Acid to provide deep exfoliation and inhibit future overproduction of melanin in the treated areas. The combination of acids in this peel work together to treat and rejuvenate simultaneously, resulting in glowing, healthy skin. Mesopeel sessions are usually spaced about two weeks apart and individuals may need up to 5 sessions for complete results.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of a Mesopeel Peel include but are not limited to:

  • Reduction or elimination of dark spots

  • Reduction or elimination of melasma

  • Overall skin rejuvenation and glow

  • Increased collagen production

  • Inhibition of melanin production

  • Reduced pore size

  • Minimized fine lines and wrinkles

Is a Mesopeel right for me?

When it comes to chemical peels, it’s always best to discuss your needs and wants with your esthetician so that they can recommend the best option for your skin type. If you have concerns with melasma, dark spots, and other types of hyperpigmentation, Mesopeel may be a good option for you. Due to the relatively fast recovery time, this can be a great peel to do a few weeks before a special event or occasion as well!

To book your Mesopeel or another chemical peel at Coco Med Spa in St. Pete, contact us today!

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