Instantly Remove Unwanted Hair With Our Waxing Treatments

At Coco Med Spa we offer an abundance of waxing services for our clients who are looking for a professional and effective treatment to remove body hair. From eyebrow waxing to bikini waxing, our clients can get their entire waxing regime covered with us. Most treatments are done within 15 minutes so you can see us during your lunch break or when you are running errands for the day!


Our expert aesthetician, Halley Van, works with her clients in our luxurious and serene treatment room. Before wax is applied, the skin is typically treated with a pre-wax gel to disinfect and prep the skin. We understand everyone has different skin sensitivities, therefore, we offer a more gentle wax to those with highly sensitive skin. An anti-inflammatory gel is also applied after most treatments to reduce swelling.


The benefits of waxing include a professional aesthetic, longer time for re-growth, fast results and less pain than other beauty services. 

Image by Oz Seyrek

Waxing Services Available Nearby St. Petersburg


  • Eyebrow Waxing

  • Upper Lip Waxing

  • Underarm Waxing

  • Half + Full Arm Waxing

  • Back Waxing

  • Half + Full Leg Waxing

  • Bikini Wax

  • Brazilian Wax


If you’re looking for a quick and effective way to remove body hair, come see our experts at Coco Med Spa today! Combine your waxing treatment with our other skincare services and let us pamper you. Click the Book Now button to schedule your appointment or call us at (727) 954-6166.