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Brazilian Waxing: What to Expect

Brazilian Waxing is probably the most notorious waxing service. It is loved by many and avoided by some, usually because it’s most often misunderstood. Today, we are excited to give you a full rundown of what a brazilian wax service is actually like so that you can arrive at your appointment confidently and with no surprises.

What is a Brazilian Wax?

A Brazilian Wax is a waxing treatment that removes hair from the entire genital area. For people with a vagina, this would include the entire bikini line, pubic area, and labia. It also includes a butt strip to remove hair around the anus as well as between the pubic area and the anus. In a traditional brazilian wax all hair is removed, and none is left behind. However, if you prefer to leave a patch or strip of hair on the mons pubis, aka pubic mound, feel free to request that from your esthetician before they get started.

What are the benefits?

Aside from the time and money-saving benefits compared to shaving, brazilian waxing offers the convenience of not having to worry about maintaining hair growth in the designated area for several weeks. Over time, you will notice that regrowth may become slower and finer, simply adding to the convenience of regular waxing. This can be a great way to avoid ingrown hairs and the irritation of shaving. It also removes the risk of cutting yourself in a sensitive area. Additionally, it is a great option for those who have difficulty reaching down to maintain hair growth in the designated area.

How should I prepare?

Please come to your appointment prepared with good hygiene and with hair at least ⅓ of an inch long to ensure adequate hair removal.

Is it awkward or painful?

Waxing can cause discomfort for some but the benefits generally outweigh the temporary discomfort. Waxing is a very quick process which means the discomfort usually lasts just a few seconds. Your comfort is key. We are a professional medical spa and we take every measure to ensure that our customer experience matches that environment. There is no need to feel awkward when receiving a brazilian wax service. You will receive instructions on exactly what to do and how to position yourself. Many clients find the experience similar to any other medical appointment.

Coco Med Spa is proud to provide a fabulous brazilian wax treatment here in St. Pete. Contact us to schedule yours today!

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