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Temple Filler Now Available at Coco Med Spa in St. Pete

If you’re looking for an incredible experience with temple filler in St. Pete, you’ve landed in the right place. Our injectors at Coco Med Spa pair extensive experience with a commitment to customized results to bring balance to your features and confidence to your look.

Temple Filler St. Pete

What is temple filler and how long does it last?

Temple filler is an injectable dermal filler applied to the temple area to improve or reverse temporal hollowing. Our injectors have multiple options, like Sculptra or hyaluronic acid filler, to choose from to ensure you receive the results you’re looking for. For more instant results, HA filler is used and generally lasts longer around the temples than it might in other areas with more movement. For results that take longer to become visible but require less maintenance in the future, Sculptra is an option. Sculptra results begin to show around eight weeks and can improve for up to two years as the body produces its own collagen, stimulated by Sculptra.

Who is a candidate for temple filler?


While temporal hollowing can be common, the loss of volume in the temples can occur for a variety of reasons including aging, weight loss, high stress, or in response to muscle imbalances in the face such as overuse of the masseter muscle. When evaluating for temple filler here at Coco Med Spa in St. Pete, and with all other filler services, our injectors consider all facial features to make sure any changes bring harmony and balance to the face as a whole. For example, sometimes patients come in with a request for cheek filler when the result they’re looking for would actually be best accomplished with temple filler. Additionally, adding too much filler to the cheek area can increase the appearance of temporal hollowing. This method for evaluating the entire face versus treating just one area is called full facial balancing. Addressing the face in this way is a good reminder that no one feature stands alone on the face but rather, they all work together to create the look that makes you, uniquely you. 

Ready to explore your options with temple filler in St. Pete? Come see us at Coco Med Spa! Feel free to book here now or contact us to schedule a consultation.

Reviews We Love

“My experience was absolutely amazing. I came to see Jessica for all of my favorite things (Dysport and filler). While I've known Jessica for years, this was the first time being treated at Coco Med Spa. It was wonderful. The space is perfect. Everyone is so nice.” - Jamie T.

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