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Full Facial Balancing Services Available at Coco Med Spa

Full facial balancing is a method of facial enhancement that is growing in popularity. It requires expert precision and a profound understanding of facial structure. Our resident injector and board certified family Nurse Practitioner, Amy Nguyen, APRN prefers this approach which provides clients with phenomenal results time and again.


Full facial balancing is when injectables - such as neurotoxins, fillers and PDO threads - are used together for global harmonization of the entire face. Rather than focusing on one area of the face or one particular line/wrinkle, the whole face is addressed together. When taking a global approach to treating the face, whether the goal is anti-aging or facial balancing, the results are subtle and natural. 


Benefits of Full Facial Balancing


By focusing on the entire face rather than just a single feature, full facial balancing prevents an “overdone” appearance or a drastic change in a person's facial structure. It allows the practitioner to create symmetry and balance throughout the entirety of the facial structure with small changes that maintain the integrity of the expressions and features that make an individual uniquely themselves.




Full facial balancing is performed by using a unique combination of dermal fillers, neurotoxin, and occasionally PDO threads. This combination may change over time as the face is reassessed each time a touch up is required. It is recommended that patients follow up for reassessment every 3-6 months, or when they are due for their next neurotoxin treatment. Upon reassessment, filler may be added, or it may be confirmed that nothing additional is needed until the next visit. 


When receiving a full facial balancing service, you can be confident that you are receiving the most personalized type of injectable treatment there is. Each step is designed to enhance and correct in such a way that you leave feeling like the best version of yourself.


Contact us to request a consultation for full facial balancing in St. Pete or to book an appointment with our talented skincare professionals.

Reviews We Love

“Jessica is kind, knowledgeable, patient, and listened to my needs.  She is highly skilled and experienced.  She’s a true master at her craft.  Absolutely beautiful spa and friendly staff.” - Carla N.

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