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What Causes Jowls and How to Treat Them

If you follow skincare or antiaging news of any type, it’s likely that you’ve heard of jowls. If not, jowls are the skin around your jawline that begins to sag with age. There are a myriad of products and treatments that claim to improve or treat the appearance of jowls, but a few of those options are definitely more effective than others. Today we’ll discuss the cause of jowls and the best ways to treat them.

What causes jowls?

Jowls are created by sagging skin as we age and are generally a result of a combination of external factors and genetics. As we age, we lose collagen and elastin and new production slows. Some may lose it sooner or more quickly, and some may accelerate the breakdown of collagen and elastin through things like sun exposure, smoking, and other poor skin care techniques.

Do I need a facelift?

Truthfully, a traditional facelift is still the gold standard when it comes to the complete correction of loose jowls. However, when working preventatively, or dealing with individuals who are not interested in a surgical solution, there are many treatments available that provide an improvement or maintenance of the jowl area without the need for surgery.

Treatment options

One method of treating jowls is known as a non-surgical facelift or PDO Threads. This is a minimally invasive alternative to a surgical facelift for those who aren’t interested in the surgical route. To treat jowls, generally, barbed threads are used. Results are visible almost immediately and over time, the threads dissolve leaving newly formed collagen in their place. This treatment is not permanent but it does provide results for about 12 to 24 months. A thread lift may be one of a few steps in a method called full facial balancing. At Coco Med Spa in St. Pete, we believe in using injectables with a global approach to the face. We look at more than just the area you desire the biggest change in. This method allows us to make even significant changes and improvements without a drastic change to your overall appearance. You may wish to address just the jowls, but our skilled injectors are trained to advise any necessary use of fillers and botox in other areas of the face that will allow you to see the results you desire without removing overall balance in your appearance. Full facial balancing doesn’t always include a thread lift, but usually, a treatment as impactful as a thread lift will be included alongside other facial balancing suggestions.

Ultimately, each person’s needs are unique and it is best to consult with your provider regarding the best treatment options for your skin. Prevention is a great way to avoid more intensive treatments with age, but there are wonderful treatment options no matter where you are in your aging process.

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