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IPl Treatments now Available At Coco Med Spa

If you’re looking for IPL treatments in St. Pete, Coco Med Spa is where you’ll want to be! 


IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. During an IPL treatment, light energy is used to target and treat concerns like the visible signs of aging or hair follicles for hair removal. Individuals may see improvements in concerns like scarring, hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, spider veins, and sun damage.

IPL Treatment St. Pete

What to expect from IPL Treatments


IPL treatments are completed over the course of a series of sessions. Your skincare professional will determine the number of sessions necessary to achieve your desired results. While we always aim to keep discomfort to a minimum, clients may experience some swelling, redness, and mild stinging similar to a sunburn for up to eight hours post-procedure. 


What makes IPL different from laser therapy?


IPL treatments may cause less discomfort than laser treatments, although each individual has their own unique tolerance for discomfort. IPL also works differently from laser therapy as lasers use a single beam of light energy and IPL uses a broad spectrum flash of light. 


Ready for an incredible IPL treatment in St. Petersburg? Contact us today for a consultation or to book your appointment!

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Reviews We Love

“Not only are all these ladies beautiful but they’re so welcoming and sweet! I’ve visited many medical spas and they by far are the best. They’re informative and honest and the location itself is kept clean with a mix of classy and relaxing. 11/10 experience every visit!” - Aimee R.

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