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What to Expect From Your IPL Treatment

Are you considering an IPL treatment? IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light and remains a popular skincare service for treating a variety of skincare concerns. Whether you’re just considering the service or have already decided on it, today we’ll cover IPL treatment best practices before, during, and after to ensure you get the most out of your treatment.

How do I prepare?

In order to get the most out of your IPL treatment, be sure to follow this important advice for both safety and effectiveness.

  • Stay out of the sun: Since we are in St. Petersburg with the privilege of year-round outdoor weather, it is very important to remember to stay on top of your sunscreen prior to your IPL treatment. Additionally, avoid direct exposure for several days before your treatment, and do not arrive at your appointment with a sunburn. Please reschedule your appointment if your skin has been overexposed to the sun.

  • Discontinue the use of retinoids and other exfoliators prior to your treatment.

  • Avoid blood thinning medications and antibiotics

What can I expect?

Your appointment will begin with a consultation to address concerns and walk through the treatment. During the treatment, you will be provided with protective eyewear. Your appointment will last around one hour. This treatment is quite straightforward, quick, and convenient.

Does it hurt?

Pain tolerance varies from person to person. However, some clients report discomfort similar to a pinch, sting, or the flick of a rubber band. In general, this treatment is easily tolerated and any minimal discomfort ends quickly.

What happens afterward?

Once the treatment is finished, you will likely experience redness and sensitivity for 24-72 hours. Depending on the intensity of your treatment, if there is any bruising or peeling, that should subside within a week's time. It is imperative that you stay out of the sun after an IPL treatment and that you are dedicated to sunscreen application even indoors near windows or in the car.

At Coco Med Spa in St. Pete we take every step to ensure that your IPL treatment is safe, comfortable, and effective. Ready to book your appointment? Please contact us with any questions or to get scheduled.

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