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Get Your Vitamin B-12 Injections In 10 Minutes At Coco Med Spa

We offer Vitamin B-12 injections to clients who are looking for a convenient and speedy way to increase their energy and mood. If you’re in the St. Petersburg area, we encourage you to call in and see if we can take care of you immediately. This 10-minute appointment is convenient for clients who are on the go or have a short break to get a healthy dose of vitamin B12 supplements during their day.


Vitamin B-12 Shots In St. Petersburg


Coco Med Spa is located at 327 11th Ave N Suite 104, St. Petersburg, FL 33701. We’re near the intersection of 4th St. N. and 11th Ave NE. We’re located just a few minutes north of Downtown St. Pete, convenient for our corporate clientele.


What is Vitamin B-12?


This naturally-occurring vitamin is found in a variety of foods including dairy, meats, and fish. Our bodies do not create vitamin B-12 so you must either consume it from foods or take it as a supplement. Vitamin B-12 gives us natural energy and helps our function and development of the brain, blood cells, nerves and other parts of the body.


Who Needs Vitamin B-12?


Those with a diagnosed Vitamin B-12 deficiency see the highest increase in energy and mood. Vegans and vegetarians who do not consume meat, fish, or dairy products must also use a supplement. However, most people do not have enough in their system and seek this alternative.


Regular doses of Vitamin B12 are recommended to see the best results as our bodies do not store this vitamin for very long. We recommend up to 2 times per week. Below are some of the many benefits:


  • Increased energy 

  • Helps produce serotonin, a mood booster

  • Aids in weight loss

  • May support bone health

  • And more!


Book your beneficial and convenient Vitamin B-12 shots with the experts at Coco Med Spa! Call us at (727) 954-6166 or click the Book Now button to book your appointment.

Reviews We Love

"Came here for injections. Amy was awesome to work with. She is patient and has a great personality! She listened to my concerns and walked me through options. The facility is clean and beautiful. I definitely trust Coco Med Spa and will return to try other services they offer." - Tiffany

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