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Why You and Everyone You Know Should Be Getting Facials

Facials can sometimes be one of the most underrated tools in our arsenal of anti aging and skincare maintenance tools. It tends to fall to the wayside against more powerful treatments. However, one thing we will always remind you of is that consistency is your best friend when it comes to successful and long term skincare results. Like your at home skincare products and routine, facials (especially facials in St. Pete with all of our sun) should be a staple treatment alongside the rest of your more powerful treatments.

What is a Facial?

A facial is a skincare treatment that is customized each time to the individual needs of your skin. It is performed by an esthetician who will examine your skin closely to determine things like hydration level, visible dryness or dehydration, congestion of pores, fine lines, and sun damage. Once the initial consultation is complete, your provider will discuss the treatment plan with you and proceed. As a general rule, most facials will include facial cleansing, steam to open up pores, exfoliation, extractions, targeted treatment, and sunscreen. There may be a few luxury additions such as facial massage or hand and neck massage, etc.

Why do I need one?

Unlike stronger skincare treatments, facials can be an extremely affordable integration into your regular skincare routine. Regular facials, especially when you start early and practice home maintenance, can potentially push off the need for more intense or cost intensive treatments down the line. Regular facials provide you the opportunity to have a professional check in on your skin monthly or bi monthly. This is useful for prevention, for real time advice about what your skin needs on an ever evolving basis, and it provides your skin the opportunity to regularly experience active treatments from a professional that can not always be replicated in personal home care.

When it comes to preventing the visible signs of aging, starting early and staying consistent is the key to healthy, youthful skin. Your esthetician will be able to provide you a custom treatment plan that compliments your at-home routine and any other treatments that you may also be getting. As needed, under their guidance, you can then expand into more powerful and active add ons and additional treatments. Contact us at Coco Med Spa to schedule your facial in St. Pete today!

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