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Skincare Tips to Combat Weather Change

If you haven’t experienced your skin throwing a fit with the turn of the seasons, count yourself as one of the lucky ones! It’s not uncommon for our skin’s needs to change as the weather does, especially when cooler temperatures arrive. If you tend to notice seasonal changes in your skin, particularly in the fall and winter, keep reading for our best skincare tips to combat these changes and glow all year round.


Although this tip is by no means related only to winter skincare, it remains one of the best things that you can do for your skin. Our bodies need water and the skin is no exception. Staying hydrated internally is a huge component of maintaining firm, clear, and smooth skin. Good news, small sips throughout the day is the easiest and most effective way to stay hydrated. No chugging needed. Start your morning and each meal with a glass of water to start, and build the routine from there. Your skin and body will thank you.

Swap your skincare

Many people find that their skincare routine needs a little updating when the seasons change. The skincare products that work for you in the dead of summer may not cut it in the winter and that is okay. Your winter skincare likely should consist of a richer, more hydrating moisturizer at minimum. However, depending on your level of dryness, adding a hydrating serum might be beneficial as well. If you’ve tuned out because your skin is oily, come back for a moment. Many people don’t know that one of the main causes of oily skin is poor hydration. Our bodies cannot make their own water. So, when our skin’s need for hydration isn’t met, it sometimes will produce extra oil in an attempt to compensate. You might be surprised to find that your very oily skin might become less oily with improved hydration.

Boost your routine

Nothing replaces the importance of a consistent, at home, skincare routine. However, your skin can benefit greatly from supplementing your daily winter skincare routine with monthly facials. At Coco Med Spa in St. Pete, we love to suggest our hydrating facials or hydrodermabrasion treatments during the winter months to rejuvenate your skin while providing deep hydration support.

Humidity Helps

Even when cooler weather is mild, dry heat inside homes, offices, and other buildings can wreak havoc on our skin and leave us wondering why we feel so dry. Try adding a humidifier to your bedroom or office to prevent dry air from derailing your hydrating skincare efforts. Your sinuses will probably thank you as well!

For more specific suggestions for your skin and its individual needs, be sure to ask us at your next appointment. Book your hydrating facial today and get a head start on your winter skincare routine.

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