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Post-Treatment Skincare You Need!

Post-treatment glow is a real thing and if you’ve ever experienced it then you know how good it makes you feel! But did you know that you can keep that feeling for even longer by using the right post-treatment skincare products? Even if you’ll be coming back for additional treatments in the spa, you can maintain your results in between with the right skincare. Interested? We know you are! That's why we’ve compiled a list of our “must have” post-treatment skincare that will promote healing, and prolong radiance long after your skincare services with us here in St. Pete. 

Immediately Post Treatment

Depending on the treatment you’ve had with us, you might have a day or two of healing of micro-injuries that are working deep in the layers of your skin to create new collagen, elastin, and other regenerative properties. As you heal, we may provide you with a hypochlorous acid spray to assist the process. Hypochlorous acid is celebrated for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which assist in protecting and speeding up skin healing. 

Additionally, a Velez cooling mask is a deeply hydrating and healing face mask that is great for all skin types and provides cooling relief post-treatment.

During Healing

As your skin continues to flourish, our number one recommendation to support skin health and renewal is the use of ( plated )™ serums daily. These powerful serums harness the regenerative power of exosomes to speed up healing, support anti-aging, and reverse damaged skin. 

During Maintenance

For treatments that don’t require any healing downtime, you can jump right into maintenance if directed by your aesthetic provider. This undoubtedly includes sunscreen. Our favorites are Alastin’s HydraTint or their SkinSHIELD and you can find them in our spa in St. Pete or order them here through our retail partner site

Additionally, we recommend that customers continue with daily ( plated )™ use or another renewing, regenerative serum. Another favorite of ours is SkinBetter Sciences’ Mystro Active Balance Serum.  

Although these suggestions are a great start, each person’s treatment plan will vary based on their individual needs and skin type. Your aesthetic provider will work with you to make personalized recommendations. Feel free to ask us about which post-treatment care and products that you might need. If you need to replace items or need to add to your routine before you have a chance to get back to the spa, you can order your products straight to your doorstep. Browse our virtual storefronts at SkinbetterSciences, and Alastin here.

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