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New Cheek Filler: Restylane Contour

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Across all parts of the beauty industry, beautiful cheeks and cheekbones have consistently been sought after for generations. A nicely defined cheek area brings lift and youthfulness to the appearance of the face and provides a nice structure that enhances our other features as well.

Cue the injectables. For many years, professional injectors have been sculpting faces with cheek filler. While we have all seen the unfortunate outcome of overdone cheeks, the right amount in the right place provides a beautiful result that is natural, youthful, and easy to upkeep without going overboard.


One of our favorite products for cheek filler is the new Restylane Contour. While it is a cheek filler, the creators generally refer to it as a cheek contour and we agree completely. It was created to add structure, enhance the natural contours of the face, and add the lift and definition that provides those natural, and youthful results that we love so much.


Filler is a service that should be built over time and used only as needed to provide results that enhance and complement. Restylane Contour is one of the best fillers for cheeks as it allows the injector to be very strategic and apply in ways that naturally complement and enhance your personal bone structure.

Our Method

At Coco Med Spa, when providing any injectable service, we take a full facial balancing approach. This means we don’t just treat one area without understanding how it will affect the appearance of other surrounding features. The placement of filler is contingent upon how it will best enhance and balance from a whole face perspective. Restylane Contour pairs beautifully with our methods and philosophy. We can’t wait for you to experience this wonderful product. Contact us today to schedule your consultation for the sculpted face of your dreams!

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