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Let’s Talk Injectables

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

When discussing injectable treatments, we often hear brand names used as a blanket term for the whole category. In reality, there are many more options than just “botox” or other name brands you may have heard mentioned for neurotoxins and fillers. Today we will highlight two neurotoxins and two fillers that are very popular and effective when used correctly. Who knows, you and your injector might even decide that these are a better option for you! Let’s get right into them.

Xeomin is commonly known as the “Naked Injectable,” Xeomin® consists of Botulinum Toxin A without the release of protein additives like Botox® does. This formula prevents antibody resistance, a problem found with those frequently treated with injections over time. If you don't like to space your treatments out too much or prefer more frequent injections, Xeomin may be right for you. It is great for wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, and glabellar lines.

Dysport is another great neurotoxin option. It has more spread to it so it is sometimes used for larger areas and, in general, most people are candidates. While you should always follow the recommendation of your injector, some clients feel that Dysport lasts longer for them.

Radiesse® is a dermal filler with a calcium hydroxylapatite formula that works by stimulating your body to make collagen. This protein helps plump the skin and keep it smooth while stimulating new collagen for better results! This product is ideal for those experiencing wrinkles or fine lines who want to correct and prevent further damage.

Juvederm Vollure™ is a great HA filler for most tear troughs, lips, and superficial lines around the lower part of the face like nasolabial folds. There is a special Vycross technology utilized in Vollure™ to hold the hyaluronic acid into a cohesive gel. This gel helps subtly mold into sunken skin that creates wrinkles and lines. As a result of this technology, Juvederm Vollure is a more durable filler that can last for up to 18 months. This product firms without overfilling to maintain a natural look.

Ultimately, you and your injector will decide what products are the best for you based on your individual needs. However, feel free to ask us on your next visit if there are any new products, like the above, that would be a good fit for you to explore. Contact us today to set up your next appointment!

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