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It’s Laser and Peel Season at Coco Med Spa

Although St. Pete doesn’t get the standard “winter” experience that other parts of the country do, there’s no denying that this time of year still tends to keep us inside more frequently than other times of the year. Whether it's kids heading back to school, holiday events, family gatherings, or less vacationing there can be an upside to spending a little more time indoors. Today, we’ll discuss a few treatments that are best experienced when your risk of sun exposure is lower so that you get the maximum benefit from them and have an easier time protecting your healthy skin!

Laser Hair Removal

At Coco Med Spa in St. Pete we are so excited to be the only provider in the area offering Bare HR laser hair removal. This revolutionary laser hair removal device is approved for all skin types and offers safe, quick results with little to no discomfort. Recipients of this treatment must avoid tanning before and after treatment making the “indoor months” a more convenient time for many.

Laser Skin Services

No matter what laser treatment you’re receiving, limited sun exposure is always recommended before and after the process. While some laser treatments improve the skin with little to no downtime, others require a longer healing process and it is more important than ever to protect the skin while it is in a fragile state. Be sure to discuss any upcoming events with your provider to ensure adequate healing time between treatment and your special day.

Chemical Peels

Lovingly known as “peel season” for a reason, this time of year is also the perfect time to schedule a chemical peel. Peels like the Cosmelan Peel are known for being “best in class” for treating concerns like melasma and other sun related hyperpigmentation, so it makes sense to receive the treatment when you’re spending less time outdoors.

As for all of the aforementioned services and treatments, it is imperative to take sun protection seriously post-treatment with daily SPF. We are happy to recommend our favorites to you! To schedule your seasonal peels, laser hair removal, and laser skin treatments with us at Coco Med Spa in St. Pete, give us a call today!

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