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Dispelling the Rumors about Shrinking Pores

In the world of skincare advertising, there is an incredibly high frequency of misinformation. From product claims to treatment results, it can be frustrating to have to dig through the noise. Thankfully, we’re here today to talk about “shrinking pores” and what you can do to truly improve the health and texture of your skin. 

Is it possible to shrink your pores?

Despite the claims of many skincare enthusiasts, it is not actually possible to shrink the size of your pores. This is a common misconception among many people and often leads to mismanaged expectations of the performance of various products and services. Luckily, this doesn’t mean that you can’t improve or smooth the appearance of your skin! 

What Affects Pore Appearance?

Many factors can irritate or disrupt the appearance of smooth pores. Things like congestion, lack of exfoliation, and dryness all contribute to making large pores appear more noticeable. Although your skin may require different care steps based on its own unique needs, one universal fact is that a consistent skincare routine, and using high-quality skincare products, are key to smooth skin with less noticeable pores. This may include:

  • Proper double cleansing 

  • Frequent exfoliation with chemical exfoliants

  • Regular facials with extractions

  • Regular moisturizing

  • Proper retinoid use

Medical Spa Treatments Your Pores Will Love

In addition to at-home skincare, we offer several treatments here at Coco Med Spa that will keep your skin healthy and glowing, and your pores happy. For those prone to congestion, a monthly clearing facial is a great place to start! Regular chemical peels are also a great way to deeply exfoliate and renew your skin for a smooth finish. Finally, if you have a special event coming up, an Aquagold facial is an absolute must for the “glass skin” finish that everyone wants on their special day. 

As always, it’s best to share your concerns during your consultation so that we can recommend the right treatment, or combination of treatments, to you and get you results that you truly love. Contact us to schedule today!

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