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Anti Aging Treatments Under 30: How Much is Too Much?

In a world of selfies, social media, and filters, it can become very easy for our understanding and expectations of enhancements to change over time. In the case of social media, there are tremendous communities built on influencers sharing their own versions of skincare advice. Whether they’re suggesting anti-aging treatments, preventative treatments, skincare services, injections, topical products, or a plethora of other things, it can be very exciting and entertaining to discover so many options. However, there is a dark side to so much exposure without quality education about these treatments and procedures. This leads to mismanaged expectations and overuse of certain treatments to the detriment of a client’s original goal. Let’s get into some education!

When should anti-aging practices begin?

Anti Aging treatment can begin as early as young adulthood in the form of preventative measures. Things like sunscreen, a great hydrating eye cream, regular exfoliation, and facials are a great start. Check out our past article, The Benefits of Microneedling and Preventative Skincare Routine for some great tips. As one ventures into their early 20’s minimal injectable treatments to create symmetry and balance may be acceptable based on an individual’s specific needs.

What injections can a young person get?

As a very experienced injector in St. Pete, our Nurse injector Amy has seen a tremendous increase in very young, early 20’s clients coming in with mismanaged expectations on injection quantity and frequency. In the case of fillers, as mentioned above, they may be used for facial balancing to create symmetry. However, a typical early 20’s client will not need the same amount or frequency of filler as someone further along in the aging process that uses filler to lift and shape the face. As for Botox, lots of young clients come in believing that in order for Botox to effectively prevent lines and wrinkles, they need to be completely frozen.

This is simply not true.

When your skin has no lines while at rest, and an appropriate amount of Botox is used, you will be able to greatly extend the length of your smooth skin without losing your ability to emote. Amy says, "Remember to ask yourself, 'what’s the goal?' To be frozen? No, it’s to prevent wrinkles." Therefore, it’s less of a matter of what treatments are available and more a matter of trusting your injector and believing them when they tell you that you don’t need to be seen as often or use as much filler and Botox in the early stages of prevention. Additionally, you must be honest with your injector and commit to seeing an ethical provider. See our recent article on how to avoid lip migration to see why. The majority of procedure horror stories that are heard about stem from over injecting. It is so important to find an ethical provider with your best interests in mind and trust their expertise.

At Coco Med Spa, our nurse injector Amy is highly dedicated to maintaining the integrity of your facial structure, movement, and features. We believe in enhancing the best you and respecting the body as it evolves. We understand that our business thrives when our clients trust us and love their results. Therefore, we are committed to finding the balance between results you love that bring you back when it is really time and not a moment sooner. Contact us to set a consultation or appointment today.

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