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An Open Letter to Our Clients: Anti Aging Doesn’t Always Mean Augmentation

Dear Clients both current and to come,

Some of you may know that Coco Med Spa is a family business. Our Medical Esthetician and Nurse Injector are comprised of a Mother and Daughter team. We have worked hard to create a family feel in a luxury environment and this means that, by extension, you are part of our family. It’s time for a heart to heart chat about our relationship. While it may be obvious to you that we are here to happily provide facial treatments to you, we feel it’s important to revisit why we do it.

At Coco Med Spa we are deeply invested in your success and well being. We believe anti-aging practices are key to vitality and enjoying a full life. As a spa that provides medical services, we also believe in your overall health and wellness. We know that our work contributes to all of these things. We offer preventative treatments in many forms here in St. Pete. Services such as facials, injections, and other skincare are all tools available to us as we navigate an anti aging treatment plan with our guests.

We feel it is important to remind you that despite the rise of cosmetic procedures or the story social media may tell, anti aging does not always mean augmentation. Treatment plans at Coco Med Spa are created based on your individual needs and desires and do not always automatically mean injections and botox. We have several incredibly effective skincare options available that can be paired with augmentation but absolutely do not need to be to provide powerful results on their own. Our goal will never be to sell filler or Botox for the sake of revenue and we are okay with turning away an appointment that is not a good candidate for these services. In addition to your care and best interests being our first priority, we have worked incredibly hard for the reputation that we have, and risking the trust we have built is not an option.

We believe in gradual tweaks, not unrealistic or unsustainable transformation. We believe that social media is a wonderful tool but we also know that one dimensional images don’t tell the whole story. We believe in planning our procedures with long term results in mind. We believe in education and building relationships. We are committed to what is best for our guests first and foremost, every single time. Lastly, we are so very proud of our high standard of excellence and our ability to provide incredible results within our ethics and treatment beliefs.

Words can’t express how grateful we are for the incredible community that is our Coco Med Spa family. We are so grateful for each and every guest that comes through our doors and we are beyond happy to welcome so many of you who share in our preventative philosophy. Thank you for being the best part of what we do!


Halley & Amy

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