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4 Reasons to Get a Lash Lift & Tint

If you’ve ever gotten sick of feeling like you need to apply and remove mascara on a daily basis, you’re not alone. While there are several options for lash enhancement that aren’t mascara, an eyelash tint and lift is an affordable, safe, and low-maintenance option for lashes that look great without daily maintenance. Read on for four of our favorite reasons to get a lash lift and tint so that you can look and feel great with ease.


Whether you’re actually going on vacation, or live in a place like St. Pete that boasts lots of “vacation-like” activities year-round, the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not your mascara is running. With an eyelash tint and lift, your lashes will look amazing at every moment without the need for mascara or the worry of protecting extensions. Although this service has no downtime, it is recommended not to submerge your lashes for 24 hours post-treatment so be sure to factor in that timing before booking prior to a vacation that will involve swimming or water activities.


Let’s face it, even the greatest beauty enthusiast loves to save time. So you don’t mind mascara or extensions? Great! However, eyelash lift and tints offer the convenience of “get up and go” by offering the visual results of these treatments without the upkeep. One appointment every 4-6 weeks is all it takes to have beautifully lifted and tinted eyelashes 24/7.


Although true confidence comes from within, a little boost never hurts! Finding ways to look and feel our best is an important part of caring for ourselves. Lash lift and tint treatments gently enhance in a way that goes perfectly with no makeup, minimal makeup, or even a full face of makeup. Individuals with very light-colored lashes or very straight lashes can benefit greatly from lash lifts and tints as it completely eliminates their struggle for visible lashes without endless curling or mascara applications.

Lash and Eye Health

Finally, but perhaps most importantly, eyelash tint and lifts can be an asset to lash and eye health in many circumstances. With less need for heavy mascaras to be applied, this treatment prevents excess rubbing in the delicate eye area for makeup removal and subjects lashes less frequently to drying mascaras that can cause breakage. This treatment may also be beneficial to those who have skin and eye sensitivities to makeup but still want the appearance of mascara. Contact users who may be prone to irritation can also benefit from lashes that need little manipulation and still offer the desired effect.

Whatever reason you may have for deciding to get a lash lift and tint, there is no denying the benefits to your schedule, your wallet, and your overall confidence. To learn more about what to expect from an eyelash lift and tint treatment at Coco Med Spa in St. Pete, check out our blog post What to Expect From An Eyelash Lift and Tint Treatment. If you’re ready to book, contact us today!

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