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Upneeq Eyelid Lifting Treatment Now Available in St. Pete

Stop by Coco Med Spa to pick up your Upneeq treatment if you live nearby St. Petersburg. Upneeq is the perfect eyelid lifting treatment solution for all of your special occasions, events, and more!


Upneeq is an FDA-approved, prescription eye drop that is designed to treat low-lying lids by helping to lift your upper eyelids. It is a self-administered eye drop treatment making it convenient and easy to use whenever you need it most!


Upneeq temporarily stimulates the Mueller’s muscle to provide a non-surgical eyelid lift that begins to work quickly and lasts approximately six hours.

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Upneeq benefits:

  • Lift drooping eyelids

  • A refreshed, awake appearance

  • Improved comfort for individuals with heavy lids


Coco Med Spa prides itself on continuing to provide new and innovative facial treatments and upholding our impeccable standard of excellence here in St. Pete. Treatments like Upneeq and beyond are wonderful additions to all of our in spa treatments tailored to your specific needs.

Have some questions? Ready to pick up your Upneeq? Contact us today!

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