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Staff Skincare Series: Summer's Skincare Routine

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

For our final installment in our staff skincare series, we asked our beloved Summer to share. From the front of the house to the back of the house, we stand by the brands and products that we carry and our entire team is a walking example of why we love the products that we recommend so much.

Summer is the first person you'll see when coming into Coco Med Spa, and the voice on the end of the phone when you call. With almost 14 years of experience in healthcare and aesthetics, as well as 7 years as a makeup artist, Summer is extremely knowledgeable in both the skincare products and services we provide.

Just like Halley and Amy, we asked Summer to share her AM and PM skincare products with us. We also asked a few questions to give you an idea of her skin’s needs. These were her responses:

AM routine:

Cleanse with Gentle Cleanser by Skinceuticals

Apply Silymarin CF (Vitamin C + Salicylic Acid) by Skinceuticals

Apply Trio Rebalancing Moisture Treatment by Skinbetter

Apply SPF by Skinbetter

PM routine:

Cleanse with Gentle Cleanser by SkinceuticalsGentle cleanser

Bi-weekly I use the Clay Masque from Skinceuticals

Apply Clearing Serum by Skinbetter

Apply Triple Lipid Moisturizer by Skinceuticals

How would you describe your skin type? Oily/dehydrated

What are the common concerns you treat with your skincare routine? Oil control and congestion.

How has your AM skincare routine improved your skin concerns? The Vitamin C has evened out my overall skin tone and the salicylic acid helps to prevent congestion.

How has your PM skincare routine improved your skin concerns? My skin is more moisturized which in return means less oil production throughout the next day.

How long did it take to see improvements in your skin with some of your products? About 3 months after using Silymarin CF in the AM my pigmentation drastically improved. The Triple Lipid Restore for PM moisture improved my skins texture and oiliness as soon as the next day.

Anything else you'd like to share about your skincare routine? It's simple and effective but always keep in mind, what works for me may not work for you. A skincare consultation with Halley is always what I will recommend first. Everyone's skin is different so no routine is a "one size fits all".

What do you advise others when seeking a new skincare routine? I find out what their main concerns are and the time they're willing to spend on a routine. Then I suggest products that will be most effective for those concerns and the time they're willing to commit.

It is important to always remember that daily skincare at home is the most powerful, yet often forgotten, way to address skin concerns. Without the support of an at-home regimen, fancy spa treatments can only go so far. Feel free to contact us or stop by with any product questions that you may have. Products are available for purchase in-store or online at Coco Med Spa. We look forward to helping you build an incredible skincare routine!

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