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Preventing Discomfort with Morpheus8

When it comes to trying new treatments, it’s normal to be curious about the chance of any discomfort. Morpheus8 is one such treatment, among many other facial treatments, that many inquire about. While everyone’s tolerance of discomfort is different, one thing remains the same, your comfort and experience in our med spa matter to us! As such, let’s discuss the ways we’re able to customize your options to limit discomfort during your Morpheus8 treatment with us at Coco Med Spa in St. Pete. 

Numbing cream

Our first option to help prevent discomfort during your Morpheus8 service is a compounded numbing cream. This fast-acting cream works to temporarily block nerve endings allowing us to perform the service with uncomfortable sensations drastically reduced or eliminated.

Accupressure Tools & Chiller

Some other methods that we use during the treatment include acupressure tools to distract the body by creating sensation elsewhere and removing the focus on any residual discomfort. Additionally, we can utilize a chilling method called the Zimmer Chiller to apply cold therapy immediately to treated areas to dispel discomfort caused by excess warmth in the skin. 

Laughing gas

Finally, patient-administered nitrous oxide, also known as Pronox or laughing gas, is another option during treatment. This can be requested for an additional fee and is an easy and convenient way to make your treatment as comfortable as possible. Ask us today if you’re a good candidate for this type of discomfort management.

Since everyone has different pain tolerances, it is best to share openly with your aesthetic provider about your concerns and past treatment experiences to come up with an option, or combination of options that work for you. At Coco Med Spa, we pride ourselves on making your experience as comfortable as possible. 

Ready to book your Morpheus8 treatment? Give us a call to get scheduled!

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