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New Years' Resolutions: The Best Services That Will Give You More Time Back

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

As the new year fast approaches many of us are contemplating the year that is closing and considering the year that is on its way to us. Are you a resolutions person? Whether you are or aren’t, it doesn’t matter because our society runs at a pace where it is now universally indisputable that we all feel like we could use more time in our day. It can be a struggle to prioritize everything that matters and so often we let our personal care fall to the wayside. We say, “not in 2022!” So, we’ve compiled a small list of the best mad spa services that you can book to look and feel your best while putting time back into your day by eliminating steps in your daily routine!

The Eyes Have It

If the eyes are truly the windows to the show then eyelashes definitely matter! An eyelash lift and tint is the best possible choice of med spa services for a treatment that will help you look and feel pulled together, awake, and ready to go with no need to stop and fool with mascara or lash curling. One lift and tint appointment per month is all you need to keep your daily routine light and easy. Running errands? Throw on a tinted moisturizer and head out the door. Important meeting? Add some concealer, bronzer, and a bold lip, and own that room! Your eyes will always be lusciously framed and ready to tackle whatever your day brings.

Freeze Time

Injectable neurotoxins like Botox, Jeauveau, and Dysport can freeze time by pausing the visible effects of aging in the form of crow’s feet, brow wrinkles, and other expression lines. When we feel youthful, we feel confident, and confidence inspires us to tackle the important things we will face in the new year.

Give yourself the gift of a fresh start and book some time saving treatments this year. The better you feel, the better everything else feels and that is the most important gift that you can give yourself of all.

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