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New Year, Best Skin

No matter how much we wish differently, time continues to move us forward. Milestones like birthdays, holidays, and the turn of a new year are great reminders to take pause and evaluate how we’re showing up in our lives, both for others and ourselves. It’s easy to get caught up in our daily lives and forget to show ourselves, and our skin, as much love as is deserved. Today, let’s talk about a few ways to enter the new year, or any new page of life, with rejuvenating skincare products, habits, and treatments for the glow that you desire.

Skincare Treatments

Although we always recommend monthly facials, there are a few ways that you can take your monthly facial appointment up a notch. Especially in the cooler, drier months, your skin can benefit greatly from a boost of hydration. If you’re getting facials here with us in St. Pete, you likely know that we are exposed more frequently to outdoor elements thanks to our beautiful weather and beautiful city. To combat the dehydrating effects of sun, wind, and saltwater, consider booking a quarterly hydrodermabrasion facial. A hydrodermabrasion facial combines the benefits of deep hydration with exfoliation to reveal glowing skin that is healthy and hydrated.

Skincare Products

Make this the year that you invest in your at-home skincare routine if you don’t already. As much as we love seeing your beautiful face in the spa here at Coco Med Spa, we must remind you that the treatments you have with us in the spa are only a small portion of your overall skincare. Consistency matters and it is the number one ingredient in any skincare regimen that provides the results you want. Next time you’re in, ask for some recommendations or stop by the spa to pick up any of our incredible skincare products from high-performance brands like SkinBetter and Skinceuticals. Your skin will thank you.


Remaining on the topic of consistency, it is important to consider what you can manage on a day to day basis when building your routine. Often we try and fail at starting new things because we try to take a routine straight out of someone else’s recommendation and apply it to our own. As aspirational as a 15 step skincare routine might be, if it’s not something you can commit to on a regular basis, that is more than okay. The key to building routines you love is making small changes that can be easily achieved no matter what variety of circumstances is thrown at you that day. If you can cleanse and moisturize your face regularly, that’s a great start. Once that is engrained, try adding a serum or other targeted treatment product. Using high quality products that drive results is also a benefit because you can achieve improvement in your skin without a complicated routine.

This year is the year of putting our own care at the top of our priority list, will you join us?

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