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Neck Lifting Treatment Options for Laxity and Neck Bands

Updated: May 24

When it comes to areas that show signs of aging, the face is not the only place to keep an eye on, and there is a reason that skincare professionals recommend including the decollete when applying skincare. The neck is just as prone to concerns like sun damage, laxity, and texture changes just like the face and other commonly exposed areas of skin. Today we’ll be specifically discussing laxity in the neck and what neck lifting treatments may be available to help lift and firm the neck area. 

Should I Consider a Neck Lifting Treatment?

At Coco Med Spa in St. Pete, we see a variety of clients experiencing a range of stages of skin laxity. For those who are experiencing significant skin laxity around the neck, we generally will refer this client to explore surgical options. However, in the mild and moderate stages, we have a few options available to repair and improve the neck area for a tighter, more youthful appearance. Additionally, the services we can provide are great for treating platysmal bands, also known as “neck bands.”

Neck Tightening Treatment Options

For those with mild laxity, we often suggest a combination of smooth PDO threads and SkinTyte laser treatment. These treatments work so well together because the heat from the laser treatment helps to dissolve the PDO threads once they’re placed, which helps the skin develop new collagen at a faster rate than without a laser. It’s important to understand that the results from this type of treatment are not instant but rather progressive. For best results, 4-6 treatments are recommended about a month apart although PDO threads only need to be administered at the first treatment session. Your best results will become visible about 3 months after your final SkinTyte treatment and maintenance sessions are generally required either quarterly or twice yearly for best results.

If you’re experiencing mild laxity in the neck alongside other concerns like fine lines, sun damage, or other signs of aging on the face, BBL Hero is likely a better option for you as it will address all of your concerns through one treatment. This is because the BBL Hero treatment consists of multiple stages and various benefits based on your skin's needs. The final stage of a BBL treatment includes a SkinTyte stage, therefore addressing multiple concerns and laxity all in one treatment. For BBL Hero, at least 3 sessions a month apart are recommended and your final results can be expected about a month after your last treatment. Similar to the above treatment, BBL Hero should be maintained 2-4 times yearly for the best outcome.  

Final Considerations

Our providers will consult with you on your neck lifting treatment options to determine what is the most effective and cost-beneficial method of treatment for you and your specific needs. We consider skin type, level of laxity, lifestyle, and more when recommending any product or service. While we always look forward to having you, your goals and results are always our top priority. This means that candidates who may be better suited for a surgical neck lift will be referred out to ensure the results you’re looking for can be achieved. 

Ready to look into your neck lifting treatment options with us at Coco Med Spa in St. Pete? Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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