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Makeup Habits to Protect Your Skin

When it comes to damaging your skin, there is an endless list of ways to do so. However, what you may not realize is that small, detrimental habits repeated over time can be more damaging than an occasional more damaging incident. Consistency and compound effort are one of the biggest skincare secrets and unfortunately, it works in reverse as well. The good news is, skin is alive and ever-changing. Therefore, it is always a good time to improve poor habits and establish new good ones. In addition to professional skincare services and facial treatments, let’s discuss some skin care tips that will cover habits to avoid and what to do instead.

Take it off

It’s likely that you’ve heard this before, but it bears repeating for a reason. It is so important to remove makeup at the end of the day, or before sleep. First, leaving makeup on for an extended amount of time without cleansing increases the possibility of buildup on the skin. This can result in clogged pores, poor skin texture, breakouts, and an overproduction of oil. The skin is permeable and even the safest makeup is not meant for extended application and absorption. Additionally, our skin, like our bodies, uses our sleep time to repair and renew itself. When it is covered in makeup and not properly cared for, the repair process may be inhibited resulting in reduced acne prevention and an acceleration of the aging process.

Keep it clean

Another important habit to avoid is the use of dirty brushes or contaminated products. This includes a shared product which is an easy way to transmit dirt, oils, and even infection. Be sure that you are regularly washing your brushes and other application tools with a cleanser designed for skin and beauty tools. For individuals with very sensitive skin, a quick change cleansing spray is a great addition to your routine for daily brush cleansing in-between applications. Be sure to use a clean spatula when dipping into a product as even clean hands can harbor bacteria under the nails that should not be introduced into a closed container of product. Sharing products with others increases your risk of reactions and infections and is always a bad idea.

Leave it to the pros

Finally, there is no better addition to proper makeup and skincare than professional facial treatments. From dermaplaning treatments that exfoliate and allow a flawless makeup application, to the extractions and deep hydration that comes from a facial, your best skincare comes from a combination of great daily habits combined with supplemental professional treatments.

These simple and easy habits are the building blocks of beautiful, healthy skin. If you have personalized questions, be sure to ask us on your next visit. We are always happy to help recommend ways for you to keep your skin happy, healthy, and thriving!

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