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Lip Filler: 3 Popular Lip Shapes

Over the years, lip injection services have become such an art form. This is a great thing! Since we are all born with different features, these types of cosmetic enhancements should never be a, “one size, or shape, fits all” practice. A great injector combines art and science for a beautiful result that naturally enhances. Typically, lip filler results are “tailored to you” and vary based on an individual’s anatomy. The three most common lip shapes that we encounter at Coco Med Spa lip filler appointments are: keyhole lips, m-shaped lips, and heart-shaped lips.

Keyhole Lips

Keyhole lips are named after the small gap between the top and bottom lip, right at the center of the pout. It resembles a small hole like an old-fashioned keyhole and is very flattering and slightly pouty. It can be enhanced by plumping the lips, both top and bottom in a way that slightly accentuates the lower lip and supports the appearance of very natural symmetry, plumpness, and definition.

M Shaped Lips

M shaped lips refers to the top lip that resembles the letter “M,” and is the most difficult lip shape to treat. This is because the muscles on the upper lip curls inferiorly and the anatomy can be challenging to release. The depression that creates the sharp inward crease needs to be expanded slowly, over several visits. Patience is key if you have this lip shape and are looking for an enhancement.

Heart Shaped Lips

Heart shaped lips can be enhanced by focusing filler at the center top and bottom of the lips, avoiding too much additional volume in the sides and corners. The fullness at the top and center bottom creates the illusion of a heart shape that is very pouty and glamorous.

Although these are the 3 most common lip shapes, the most important part of the process is choosing an injector who will make the right choice for your natural lip structure. Not every person is an ideal candidate for lip filler but your injector will work closely with you to determine if you are a candidate and work with your natural lip shape and structure. Curious about lip filler and how it can enhance your natural lip shape? Contact us at Coco Med Spa to schedule a consultation today.

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