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Lift and Tighten Loose, Sagging Skin with SkinTyte at Coco Med Spa

As we age, our body produces collagen more slowly. This, combined with environmental and lifestyle factors, can be the culprit for skin laxity, sagging, and loss of tone. Luckily, there are methods available to stimulate the production of both collagen and elastin, both of which are responsible for a more youthful skin tone. One of our favorite services is our addition of SkinTyte. Let’s discuss how it works!

What is Skin Tyte?

SkinTyte is a laser skincare service that offers incredible results for lifting, tightening, and firming the skin. It uses infrared light to penetrate and heat the dermal layer of our skin which stimulates the production of new collagen. This provides an effective and natural-looking improvement to skin laxity with results that appear after just a few treatments.

Who is a good candidate for SkinTyte?

If you experience mild to moderate skin laxity on your face or body, SkinTyte may be a great option for you as it helps to lift, shape, and tighten areas like sagging jowls, neck, and other areas that often show signs of aging through skin laxity.

How Long Does SkinTyte Last?

The length of results can vary greatly depending on a variety of lifestyle and environmental factors. However, the skin tightening results of SkinTyte may need to only be maintained on a yearly basis after the initial treatment period has been completed.

Are you ready to experience the transformative effects of SkinTyte at Coco Med Spa in St. Pete? If so, feel free to contact us to book your appointment. We look forward to seeing you!

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