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It’s Not Too Soon For Summer Hair Removal

In sunny St. Petersburg, it’s true that we have amazing outdoor weather more frequently than many other places in the country. However, there’s still no denying that summer weather brings us outdoors more often than other times of the year for a variety of reasons. If you’re someone in St. Pete who is considering the ultra-convenient results of laser hair removal, you’re still at a great time of year to get started before the real summer heat calls your name. Today we’ll talk about some of the best ways to get great results before prime outdoor months arrive so you can debut smooth, hair-free skin all summer long!

Let’s talk about laser hair removal

At Coco Med Spa, we use a laser called Bare HR for hair removal treatments. This tool is known to be the gold standard in laser hair removal and we are proud to be the first med spa to bring Bare HR to St. Pete. Laser hair removal requires a series of treatments spread out over several weeks. The result is drastically reduced or even eliminated hair which means bye-bye, shaving and waxing! The amount of sessions needed may vary per person, and it’s important to know that things such as hormones, body changes, and certain medications can have an effect on the potential for regrowth. It’s best to talk with our providers about your hair and medical history and decide together whether a group of sessions is best for you or if you’re a better candidate for our year unlimited laser package. To learn more about what to expect before and after your laser hair removal treatment at Coco Med Spa in St. Pete, check out our blog post: Laser Hair Removal Must-Dos: Pre and Post-Treatment Tips for Bare HR

What to know about sun exposure and laser hair removal

The reason we recommend laser hair removal during the off-season in St. Pete is because of the requirement to avoid UV tanning, spray tanning, and excessive sun exposure before and after the laser hair removal process. In preparation for laser hair removal, we require that you avoid tanning and prolonged sun exposure for at least two weeks before your treatment. Spray tanning and self-tanner are also to be avoided and must be completely gone from the skin before treatment and for the duration of all your sessions. Once your sessions are complete, we also ask that you wait an additional two weeks post-treatment before getting back out into the sun. Always remember, SPF is key to protecting your skin every day!

A few more reminders

To make sure you have the safest, most effective laser hair removal experience it’s important to follow all of our care recommendations. Although sun exposure should be limited to two weeks in advance, it’s important to stop plucking and waxing in the area to be treated at least 4 weeks in advance. Shaving, however, is recommended the day before or day of your treatment. Finally, be sure that you are not on any antibiotics, photosynthesizing medications, or accutane immediately before, or during your treatments. If you follow all pre-treatment instructions and still experience some redness, itching, or bumps, do not be alarmed! This is normal and will calm down. Feel free to take an antihistamine to help in the meantime. 

Our job is to make the hair removal process as convenient and comfortable as possible. Our efforts alongside your commitment to following the protective recommendations are certain to result in smooth, summer-ready skin that you’ll love. Contact us to book your appointment!

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