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How to Keep Your Skin Hydrated

No matter the season or your location, keeping your skin hydrated can be a challenge. We lose water through our skin, and most of us could be better at replenishing it. This can be done both internally and externally. Read on for our best tips to keep your skin hydrated, and therefore plump, dewy, and youthful, all year long.


First and foremost, regular facials are key. Why you ask? Facials can not only provide a boost of deep hydration but they also include exfoliation which allows for better penetration of the hydrating products that you’ll use in-between facials. Being in St. Pete, a coastal town, we recommend regular facials due to the likelihood of regular outdoor exposure. Sun exposure, salt water, sweat, sunscreen, and more all have various effects on the skin and regular exfoliation and hydration through consistent facials are essential to optimally hydrated skin.


Second, the skincare products that you’re using matter. High-quality ingredients that are designed to work with your skin to improve it over time will help you maintain the results you desire in between professional treatments. For hydration purposes, you should look for products that replenish your skin barrier. A healthy skin barrier helps keep moisture in and pathogens out. Humectants are great too as they contain ingredients that bind water to your skin and prevent moisture loss. Some of our favorite hydrating products are:

  • SkinBetter’s Trio Rebalancing Moisture Treatment - this product helps to hydrate and improve barrier function

  • Skinceutical’s Triple Lipid Restore Cream - this product replenishes skin lipids and helps to plump and boost moisture levels

  • SkinBetter’s Solo Hydrating Defense - this product is specially designed for men’s skin and packs a powerful combination of antioxidants, pore size reduction, and hydration.

Feel free to ask us for a more personalized product recommendation on your next visit.


Finally, literal hydration is an important way of supporting skin hydration. Our body needs and utilizes a lot of water constantly, and while topical replenishment is important, replacing lost water internally is essential as well. Make a habit of starting your day with water, including it at mealtimes, and sipping it throughout the day to provide a steady input of water and reduce the likelihood of dehydration.

Ultimately, no one step is the complete answer to staying hydrated. However, if you can commit to consistency with these few easy steps, you’ll notice a significant improvement in the look and feel of your skin as a result of adequate hydration.

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