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Holiday Gift Guide

Gift giving can be tricky no matter how well you know someone. Regardless of the type of gift you give, putting thought and care into something that will enhance or benefit the experience of the recipient is a great place to start. Whether you’re gifting for the holidays or a birthday, we’ve got some suggestions for gift ideas to help you gift any skincare or self-care lover. Let’s get right into it!


While it’s true, that most skincare products need to be specifically tailored to the individual, there are some universal musts in skincare. Skin needs to be well hydrated and moisturized. Skin needs to be protected from the sun. Skin needs to be cleansed. You might not gift your friendly office acquaintance a nice sunscreen at the office white elephant party. But if you have a loved one who is a skincare enthusiast, enhancing their skincare collection with an easy to add product like a hydrating serum or good quality sunscreen can be a great gift.

Gift Cards

Are you team gift card? At Coco Med Spa, we definitely are. Why? When it comes to gifting personal experiences like the medical spa treatments that we offer here in St. Pete, gift cards are actually more thoughtful than not. Certain injectable treatments like Botox and fillers may be priced according to individual needs. A gift card can cover a variety of smaller services or offset the price of a larger service. Gift cards allow your loved one to choose a treatment that feels best to them at whatever time they wish to use it. If you ask us, gift cards don’t deserve their reputation for being less thoughtful than a specific gift. With a gift card, you can give your loved one the opportunity to choose their most desired treatment or service with a gift card to Coco Med Spa.


Most of us have at least one Predictable Patty in our lives. If your loved one is the type to get a hydrating facial on the 3rd Wednesday of every month, go ahead and book their next 3 facials for them. Our skincare services are a great opportunity for you to gift your loved one an experience that will allow them to unplug and spend a little time on themselves.

While there are a tremendous number of gift ideas available during the holiday season and year round, self care gifts are important in today’s society. We hustle and grind so frequently that it’s extremely thoughtful when a loved one gifts us with a product or experience that invites us to pause for a moment to check in with ourselves. We at Coco Med Spa would love to help you provide your loved one with a gift for any occasion. Stop in today or visit us online to browse our skincare products, purchase a gift card, or book an appointment.

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