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A Beauty Reminder From Coco Med Spa

All over the beauty and wellness world, there is a resounding message of “be your best self.” At Coco Med Spa, a medical spa in St. Pete, we believe this messaging can be empowering and have even chimed in on it at times. However, we also believe that it is a nuanced topic that, without context or elaboration, can sometimes be less empowering than we desire. Today we’d like to share our hearts and expand on that a bit.

Our Anti Aging Philosophy

Amy, our award winning Top 100 Best Injector, said it best, “Aging gracefully means different things to different people.” Our first step is to navigate that conversation with you. How are you feeling about where you’re at in the anti-aging process? What is your lifestyle like? How frequently would you like to be seen? What are you doing in between visits to maintain your results? All of these things matter and help us to determine what we recommend for your personal and unique treatment plan. We are here to first provide you with realistic options, and secondly maintain the integrity of your skin, and facial structure while preserving or occasionally restoring the features that make you, you. Medical spas tend to get reputations for pushing procedures and providing an “overdone” result, not here. Our method is never to push treatments or recommend procedures that will not mesh with your lifestyle. Anti aging is your personal journey and while it’s okay to get Botox, it’s just as okay not to get Botox!

How We Support the BEST You

Our goal is to support you and love you. Sometimes this means saying no. At Coco Med Spa we are committed to the ethics of preserving the integrity of your skin and face. We do not overfill, over inject, or endanger the skin and its features in any way. We would rather see you less often if it means doing things the right way. Our goal is to build a deep relationship with each of our guests so that you trust our training and expertise and leave pleased with your results each time. When we recommend your next scheduled return there is science and evidence behind our recommendation and part of our role as your provider is to stick to our knowledge.

We are so very grateful to all of you who continue to choose Coco Med Spa and if you have not yet experienced your first time with us, please don’t hesitate to contact us and schedule your first appointment. We’d love to have you!

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