Apply A Lip Blushing Treatment for Permanent Results

Minimize your daily makeup routine with a more permanent option for your lips using our effective treatment: lip blushing. At Coco Med Spa, we help our clients achieve long-lasting results using medical-grade products and tools to achieve kiss-proof lips.


If you live nearby St. Petersburg, FL, we recommend coming in to try our permanent makeup services to meet your beauty goals! Whether you’re looking for a lip color to match your favorite lipstick or just want to add some definition to your lips, our lip blushing technique is highly recommended for instant and long-lasting results.

Lips makeup

What Is Permanent Makeup For Your Lips?


We use a mineral-based treatment that safely dyes your lips after one or two treatments. Once the desired color is matched or selected by the client, it is gently applied to the surface of the lips without running over to the facial skin. The treatment takes about 2.5 hours and results appear instantly.


Lip blushing or lip liner is a semi-permanent alternative to daily lipstick application. We recommend clients consider a permanent lip treatment to enhance their natural lip color tone. However, not all lips will achieve the best results. Because some color undertones do not work best for this treatment, we always require a consultation before treatment to recommend the best options.


Benefits of Lip Blushing


  • Painless application: Our tools are sensitive to the lip area and leave minimal to no scarring

  • Long-lasting results: Ditch the lipstick and walk out the door with confidence every day

  • Smudge-proof: Never worry about leaving a stain on your shirts or wine glasses, you’re kiss-proof!


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