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Bare HR Laser Hair Removal Now Available at Coco Med Spa in St. Pete


Saying goodbye to unwanted hair just got easier than it’s ever been thanks to Bare HR laser hair removal. This ultra-fast, laser hair removal device is the gold standard in comfortable, safe hair removal for a variety of skin and hair types. 


What to expect from Bare HR laser hair removal


When coming to Coco Med Spa in St. Pete for your laser hair removal, you can expect the utmost in comfort and care. Thanks to Bare HR’s device, treatment is quick and creates little to no discomfort thanks to a constant contact cooling crystal plate. Hair is removed by delivering ultra-short pulses of light that can be customized to each individual patient.

Who is a candidate for Bare HR laser hair removal?


Since the Bare HR laser is the first and only hair removal device to destroy hair follicles without any impact to surrounding skin, Bare HR is approved for all skin types. This is a tremendous development for laser hair removal and we are so pleased to be able to meet everyone’s hair removal needs with this device.


Is laser hair removal right for me?


If you struggle with skin sensitivity from shaving or simply don’t want to keep up with the routine of regular shaving or waxing, laser hair removal may be a smart option for you. A series of treatments are required for permanent hair removal, and then most candidates remain hair-free in the treated areas for life. 


Call us today with questions, to schedule a consultation, or to book an appointment.

Reviews We Love

"I send my wife here for all the procedures she wants and she is obsessed. Amy is amazing and Summer is so personable. Men: send your ladies here, they do not disappoint. Happy wife, happy life." -Matt P.

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